BioWare Identities Anthem PS4 Crashing Cause, Fix Coming Next Week

EA and BioWare have had a rough few weeks. Reports were running rampant that the major new IP, Anthem, had severe issues that were causing PS4 game consoles to crash with some claims that these crashes had bricked the console. Earlier this week, a report surfaced that Anthem was also causing crashes on Xbox consoles. The crashes led to many gamers on PS4 consoles asking for refunds from Sony, and word is that Sony granted some of the gamers a refund, but denied others. EA admitted this week that the game was crashing PS4 consoles and asked gamers for help.

anthem shield

BioWare's head of live service, Chad Robertson, tweeted that the company had identified several causes for the temporary power-down issue that PS4 gamers are seeing. When the bug struck, the consoles would turn off as if someone had pulled the plug out of the wall. Robertson doesn't get specific on the causes of the issue, but he did say that fixes for the top issues causing the power down crash would be released next week.

He also noted that if the console wouldn't respond, they can manually power down and restart the console without risking damaging the device. While there was at least one report of Anthem bricking a PS4 console, Robertson notes that after a "thorough review" BioWare hadn't encountered an instance where Anthem bricked a PS4 console.

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