Anthem Reportedly Crashing Xbox One Consoles Too As Skies Darken For EA And Bioware

Gamers were very excited about what EA was cooking up when it and Bioware announced Anthem, an entirely new IP, last summer during E3. The game was highly anticipated but launched with significant problems, and that anticipation turned to disappointment for many. The game has been widely criticized for crashing PS4 consoles with at least one person claiming that the crash bricked their PS4 altogether. Sony has allegedly offered some PS4 Anthem gamers refunds. EA admitted yesterday that Anthem was crashing PS4 consoles and called on gamers to submit crash reports so it could determine the root cause of the crashes.


Xbox One gamers might have felt safe as the problem seemed to be limited to the PS4; but that isn't the case. Forbes' Paul Tassi has reported that Anthem crashed his Xbox One X game console. While the crash issue is more common on the PS4, Xbox One gamers need to be wary of the game as well.

When the crash happens, it's not just the game crashing; the entire Xbox One console shuts down completely. We are talking not just the sleep mode sort of "off" that most gamers use, but a complete hard shutdown that forces the console to reboot completely. The crash is described as being as if someone pulled the power cord from the wall. While the PS4 console shows an animation when it is checking its discs, the Xbox One doesn't; but the Xbox crash is described as a similar situation. Tassi notes he has never seen a crash of this sort from any game on the Xbox One X.

As for what is causing the crash on either console, the jury is still out. Since the PS4 has warnings for overheating issues, that seems out as a cause. Some PS4 gamers have reported receiving a memory error related to the system crash. As of now, no official comments on a cause have been offered by EA.