Sony Is Allegedly Offering Refunds To Some Anthem Players Due To PS4 System Crashes

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Electronic Arts is having serious issues with Anthem right now, and many gamers are not happy at all. However, players are reporting that Sony has given them refunds for the game. The reason gamers are wanting refunds on Anthem has to do with PS4 console crashes caused by the game. One Reddit user claims to have been given a full refund on the game with "no questions asked" noting that the refund only took five minutes. Other PS4 gamers have also claimed that they have been given refunds on the game with one user indicating they told customer support chat that they were concerned about the game bricking their console and Anthem was a defective product.

However, there are reports from Anthem gamers on the PS4 that say they have been denied a refund. Some say that Sony customer support chat refused a refund when they used the same arguments that others claim they were given refunds for. Another gamer claims that when concerns about the game bricking the PS4 console were raised, and a refund was requested, support chat denied a refund and said the player should stop playing the game.

No official comments on refunds have been offered from Sony, EA, or Bioware at this time. Anthem was announced at E3 2018 and was highly anticipated, even after its VIP demo rollout was plagued with problems. EA has been trying to get people interested in the game, it offered a free play weekend last month.

Gamers have been very disappointed with some of the most anticipated game launches in the last year. Most notably was the failure of the highly anticipated game Fallout 76. Bethesda is trying to soothe players and keep them playing until fixes are made with roadmaps outlining coming changes and updates