EA Admits Anthem Is Crashing PS4 Consoles And Asks For Help From Gamers

One of the most frustrating things for tech fans is when the games or products they pay hard earned money for don't work as promised, and the manufacturer won't even admit there is a problem. This is what has been troubling gamers on the PS4 who purchased EA's Anthem. Anthem has been crashing PS4 consoles leaving the game unplayable and many asking Sony for refunds on the purchase. Sony has allegedly been giving some Anthem players refunds while denying others.

anthem shield

While the issue is still not fixed and the problems haven't been addressed, EA has at least stepped up and admitted that there is a problem with Anthem crashing on the PS4. EA Help tweeted that, "We're aware of a crashing issuing" noting that it is asking for gamers to share crash data reports when prompted.

EA Help also noted that it has been reaching out to gamers who have shared those crash reports to gather more info. EA wants gamers who haven't submitted crash data reports, but who have experienced crashes, to reply to a thread on Answers.ea.com here. EA says that it is gathering data on the PS4 issue so that it can find the root cause of the problem and deploy a fix. As of writing the help thread that EA asks for reports on has 602 posts.

There is no indication from EA on when a fix for the game issues might land. Anthem has been a mess for EA plagued with bugs at launch and a VIP demo disaster. Anthem was highly anticipated when it was announced at E3 2018 last summer. Game developers have been unable to deliver games that are what many gamers consider to be complete in recent months. It's hard to be happy about spending $60 on a game when they are launching with so many bugs that they can't be enjoyed. The push to launch on time has seemingly outweighed the need to launch a playable product.