CTX LCD, Corsair gets Flashy, Volari Video and XM Radio To Go...

Happy Friday all.  JeffB checking in with your morning news post.  CTX is sporting a cheap 17" LCD worth checking out if you're in the market.  Speaking of cheap, we have links to a budget Volari video card to cover basic video needs.  We also found the Delphi portable XM receiver a cool little device.  Check it!

 Supermicro "Super Quiet" Technology Reviewed @ 2CPU.com:

"Demand-Based Switching (DBS) is another power management feature that Intel has come up with. Its goals are to reduce core frequency and voltage until the horsepower is actually required. The processor frequency will be reduced to a minimum of 2.8GHz until the demands of an application or service force the processor back to its default clockspeed, which in my case was 3.6GHz."

CTX International X701A 17 Inch LCD Monitor w/ Speakers Review @ Tweaknews.net:

"If you are looking to upgrade your monitor, I would recommend this one without hesitation. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as some of the more expensive monitors on the market, but for the price of about $225-260 you absolutely cannot go wrong with the CTX X701A. It is cheap, at 14ms response latancy it is a very capable gamer, did I mention it is really cheap? This will be one of the smartest investments you will make for your desktop."

Corsair Voyager Flash Drive Review @ CoolTechZone:

"After a surge of flash drive manufacturers in the past year or so, Corsair has entered the market to try their storage products. We are all aware of Corsair as being the tier one enthusiast memory provider in the industry. They certainly account for a huge percentage of market shares, and they have introduced quite a few unique and innovative products, namely PC3200XL (the first low-latency modules in the market), LED lights at the top of memory modules, and now the XPERT series with scrolling marquee text functionality to their customers. Admittedly, their market position is thoroughly strong, but with so much competition – do they have what it takes to reach the top?"

Delphi MyFi xm2go Portable XM Satellite Radio Receiver Review @ The Tech Zone:

"Think of the MyFi as the Sony Walkman of satellite radio. The Delphi MyFi xm2go is a 7 ounce satellite radio receiver and recorder that will work at the beach, at the gym, in your car, or anywhere else you can dream up. At 4.5 inch high by 2.8 inch wide by 1.3" deep the MyFi is about the size of a large portable music player."

128MB XGI Volari V3XT AGP Card Review @ BigBruin.Com:

"If you were looking for a serious gaming graphics card, you came to the wrong review. But, if you are looking for a budget solution for multimedia or home theater applications, the XGI Volari V3XT is an excellent option. The processor runs cool enough to only need passive cooling, and the silence is ideal for an HTPC situation where even the faintest hum of fans may interfere with video or music playback."

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