Corsair Unleashes 2.13GHz DDR3 Memory Kit

In this line of work, we often get to experiment with and test the latest and greatest PC hardware.  Typically, processors and graphics cards get the lion's share of attention, but memory manufactures have also been pushing the envelope as of late.  Corsair in particular has some exciting products on tap, one of which just landed in the lab.



What you see pictured above is Corsair's brand new TW3X2G2133C9DF memory kit.  If you're well versed in Corsair's naming convention, you can probable ascertain this kit's specifications just by looking at its model number, but for those that need a translations, this is a 2GB, dual channel Dominator kit, rated for an impressing 2.133GHz with a CAS latency of 9.  Here are the full specifications to complete the picture...

Test Specs:
  • Each module pair is tested together at 2133MHz
  • Packaged together immediately following system test
  • Tested together at 2133MHz, Vdimm = 2.0V, at latency settings of 9-9-9-24 on NVIDIA 790i-based motherboards with a dual core CPU
  • Must use sockets DIMM A2 and B2 (”black sockets”) to achieve this performance
  • SPD programmed at: JEDEC standard
  • 2048 Megabytes of DDR3 memory
  • Two matched CM3X1G2133C9D modules
  • DHX technology provides maximum cooling
  • Includes Airflow Fan for maximum thermal transfer
  • 100% tested at 2133MHz in NVIDIA-based motherboards
  • Lifetime warranty

In case you're keeping score, a frequency rating of 2.133GHz makes the Corsair TW3X2G2133C9DF kit one of the fastest out there.  Other companies have demonstrated products operating at this speed, but Corsair was the first to deliver a retail-ready kit to the HotHardware labs.  We'll be putting this memory through its paces in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the full review.