Comcast Hopes To Chase Cord-Cutters With Set-Top Streaming Box

cord cutter
The cable/satellite industry is finally having to face the music: customers are getting tired of rising TV service prices and are looking for alternative solutions. According to a recent report, Americans are fleeing cable and satellite TV packages at an increasing rate as they flock to OTA local channel broadcasts paired with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

Comcast is keenly aware of this new dynamic; the company lost 106,000 cable subscribers during its most recent quarter. To help keep customers in the fold, however, CNBC is reporting that the cable giant is working on an aggregate video streaming platform that will run on a set-top box similar to its existing X1 cable box. However, this will be an IP-based box akin to Roku's popular family of media streamers along with the Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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While Comcast's cord-cutter solution is similar in concept to those above-mentioned devices, it won't nearly be as open. While you might see services like Netflix and YouTube, you can be certain that services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now will not be available. However, that's understandable considering that both of those services are competitors.

And while actual cable TV won't be part of the package with Comcast's new steaming platform, customers will have the ability to rent shows and movies, or upgrade to a Comcast video package if they choose. One other perk is that it will allegedly include a voice control remote that will allow you to navigate the device’s UI and control smart home devices like a thermostat or smart lock.

At this time, there is no set release schedule for the new streaming platform or how much it will cost customers.