ATI Releases Catalyst 6.10 Drivers

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that ATI has finally releases Catalyst 6.10 drivers for all ATI GPU's. Nestled within this driver are a number of performance fixes and additional functionality. For one, users can finally have official HDR with FSAA in Oblivion without being forced to use the "Chuck" patch. In addition, there are supposedly some healthy performance gains for Crossfire systems with framerate increases of up to 16% being reported. If you're currently gaming with an ATI Radeon graphics card, you should head over to AMD's website and download these drivers.

AMD released the new drivers for both Linux and Windows but it still doesn't have the RC2 driver for Microsoft Vista. The new driver improves the Crossfire scores on Intel 965 due to improvements in Crossfire D3D as it can handle large vertex meshes more efficiently. AMD also helped Crossfire run better on Intel and it scores 6.7 to 15.8 per cent faster.