ATi and nVidia CPU Scaling, Gyration Ultra GT Keyboard Combo and Other Goodies

Good morning everyone, I hope you slept well :)  Things on the news front seem to be moving quite quickly this morning.  With some interesting reading from all walks of the hardware scene, there is surely something to satisfy everyone's hunger.  So, go grab a second cup of coffee, kick back and relax before you hit the cubical for the day.  Here is your AM shot...

CPU Scaling ATIs and NVIDIAs Best @

"Our CPU scaling experiences really helped us understand just how important the CPU is to having a great gaming experience. In real-world gaming situations with a slower CPU such as an AthlonXP 2500+ or a Pentium4 2.4GHz, the video performance becomes extremely bottlenecked by the CPU. We were forced to reduce resolution, AA and AF settings, as well as in-game quality settings in the case of FarCry just to get playable performance." Review: Gyration Ultra GT

"When looking for a keyboard and mouse to control your HTPC, a few names come to mind for most of us. One of these such names is Gyration... HTPCnews takes a look at their latest Ultra GT Suite which replaced the older version which had some range issues when used with HTPC's. Read the review and find out if they fixed the issues and see the surprise that has in store."

PowerColor Radeon 9600XT Bravo @ Legion Hardware

"In just all benchmarks the PowerColor Radeon 9600XT Bravo was faster than the ASUS GeForce FX5600. The Radeon 9600XT Bravo makes a 14500pt+ 3Dmark2001 SE score possible for as little as $180 US. Even when using 4xAA/4xAF the card still produced a healthy 3Dmark2001 SE score at 1024x768 of 11000pts+. Games such as Unreal Tournament saw an average frame rate of over 110fps at 1024x768."

Thermalright NB-1 @ ClubOC

"Dethroning Swiftech is what I remember Thermalright doing. It wasn't that long ago when a small company came out with a heatsink called the SK-1, which was basically a small piece of copper that had the capability of beating a mammoth heatsink from Swiftech called the MC-462. If even for a few degrees what the SK-1 didn't have was the weight, which made it a very much sought after item. Not too long after that they did it again with the SLK900, and then one more time with the SP94 and SP97. Most people have by now acknowledged Thermalright for their excellent but simple design, and consider that when buying a Thermalright heatsink they will have excellent overclocking characteristics. This brings us to another story, the evolution of FSB overclocking, and nothing hampers that more than voltages and excessive chipset/Northbridge temperatures. Well it looks as though Thermalright is in the fight again, because we observed some excellent temperatures from their newest offering, the NB-1 chipset cooler... "

Gateway Wireless Connected DVD Player Review @Designtechnica

"Gateway's ADC-320 Connected DVD Player can take almost any music, movie, or image file on your network and stream it to your TV and home theater. It can play almost any traditional optical media format available as well. The device, and its supporting software, is easy to set up and easy to use. With analog and digital outputs, and a progressive scan DVD player, your other components could be the weak link as your media will look and sound as good as the rest of your equipment can handle."

DFI 865PE Infinity Motherboard review @ HardwareZoom

"DFI Super Patch in the 865PE Infinity is a memory acceleration technology that performs direct data transfer between the CPU and system memory. This significantly shortens latency time and provides improved system performance and memory bandwidth. Super Patch can be enabled or disabled. The amount of overclocking can be set from 5% up to 35%. For the CPU core voltage, it can goes as high as 1.975V which is dangerously high if it is not applied properly, however extreme overclockers should love it."

That is all for the time being brothers and sisters.  I am sure more is on the way :) - Cheers