Asustek Manufactured Notebooks Get New Brand

Digitimes reports that Asustek will soon introduce a new brand, ASmobile, to be used by their whitebook products. The first notebook bearing the ASmobile brand will appear during the fourth quarter of 2006. Asustek is trying to repeat the success they enjoyed when they re-branded their low-price motherboards to ASRock. However, the ASmobile will not be tailored for the low end. Instead of low prices, the ASmobile brand will rely on high quality and customer loyalty, most likely targeting the mid to upper parts of the market.

"Recently formed, Asustek's team for the ASmobile brand includes R&D, manufacturing and marketing staffs, the sources indicated. Asustek's move also represents an effort to involve more notebook makers into developing the white-box notebook market segment, according to the sources. As reported on August 9, the combined share of clone notebooks in the global notebook market amounted to 14.5% in the second quarter of 2006, down from 15.7% in the first quarter."

We recently put an Asustek whitebook through it's paces in our Centrino Duo Whitebook article. Check it out for an idea of what whitebooks in general, and more specifically Asustek whitebooks, have to offer.