Arctic Silver, Kingmax DDR500, Illuminated Keyboard and More

Good evening friends, welcome back.  With a majority of the HH crew playing with our new "toy" (the forum), the labs have been fairly subdued today.  The news-front, however, has been quiet active.  So, go grab a glass, I am starting to server the juice...

 Arctic Silver Thermal Compounds @ XYZ Computing

"The biggest name in thermal compounds (aka TIMs or thermal interface materials) is Arctic Silver. They have been at it for a long time and are the most respected company in the game. Currently their two most popular products are Ceramique and, at the higher-end, Arctic Silver 5. The "Arctic Silver" line has been around for some time- it is the companies flagship thermal compound and is usually regarded at the industry's best. Note that the previous compound was AS3, as no AS4 was ever produced."

 Kingmax HardCore DDR500 @ Hardware Zone

"Rated at DDR500, the Kingmax HardCore series lived up to its name for both default and overclocked performance. To add to its appeal, the 512MB RAM modules had very reasonable pricing, so it's no wonder that the Kingmax HardCore DDR500 won our coveted 5 stars award."

 Black PS/2 Illuminated Keyboard w/ Blue Keys @ ExtremeMHz

"We have seen a few illuminated keyboards here at ExtremeMHz and each had their minor improvements over previous models.  They seem to be quite popular among the growing number of modding enthusiasts and LAN addicts.  One thing I did not particularly like about the generic models that we looked at in the past were the white coated keys.  It made the keyboard look cheap and not as attractive as the original EluminX.  Today, I'll be showing you what I think is the most attractive model to hit the market, a generic illuminated keyboard with blue translucent keys and black multimedia buttons."

 Samsung YP-55I 192MB MP3 Player @ Bytesector

"The Samsung YP-55 is an excellent mp3 player that is still more than capable of taking on the competition despite its age. It's packed with enough features to make this the "Swiss Army Knife" of mp3 players. The awkward interface and poor battery life are the only two really bad things about this player. I also find it hard to justify spending $200 CND ($150 USD) MSRP on a 192 megabyte mp3 player. Another problem I have with this player is that it's not expandable, but that seems to be a gro..."

Looks as if the bottle dried-up a little premature tonight.  Sorry folks, there will be more in the AM.  Sleep well... :) - Cheers