ABS Mayhem G4 Laptop, Exploring The Performance Impact of Memory Latency

Hey folks! Some interesting news that's been circulating around recently, is the idea that Wikipedia might one day be available in printed form. There's also some talk about changing how things work with the web site. Check it out. And how is Apple doing with their iPod's new video capability? Apparently they're doing OK, with their iTunes service selling a million videos in less than 20 days. Not bad eh?

ABS Mayhem G4 Laptop @ [H]ard|OCP

"The widescreen, high-resolution display is beautiful and the chassis has shown that it can put up with a lot of gaming and stay comfortable. The internal build quality was also smart. Dual fan intakes directed airflow right onto the Pentium M chip and the 6600 Go GPU. The placement of the hard drive, CPU, and GPU was also smart in that it spread out the heat-producing components as much as possible."

Exploring the performance impact of memory latency @ The Tech Report

"Lower latencies are a good thing, of course, but how much can they really improve system performance? Are exotic, low-latency DIMMs worth the price premium? Read on as we explore the effects of memory latency on Athlon 64 performance in synthetic memory benchmarks, games, and real-world applications."