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Battlefield 2
With the original Battlefield 1942 easily one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time, Battlefield 2 is the latest addition to the popular franchise and comes equipped with a host of new features and eye candy. With massive maps and an impressive level of detail, it's no surprise to see some pretty steep hardware requirements. Here, the minimum acceptable hardware includes a 1.7GHz Pentium4, 512MB of system memory, and a 128MB DX9 graphics card equal or better to a GeForce FX5700 or Radeon 8500. Again, we're faced with a situation where the cards being tested are borderline to these requirements at best. It should be interesting to see how (and if) the game runs on this crop of cards. All graphics settings were set to "Medium" with the exception of Texture Filtering which was set to "High". Benchmark runs were then taken at resolutions of 800x600 and 1024x768 with and without 4x FSAA and 8x AF enabled.

With the resolution set at 800x600, we find the XFX GeForce 6200TC turning in some very playable framerates which are the highest of the group. However, the roughly 10fps advantage is almost completely reversed once 4x FSAA and 8x AF are enabled. Here, the Radeon X300 takes the lead and exploits the fact that the GeForce 6200TC is lacking color and Z-compression. Unfortunately, the Intel IGP refused to load the game correctly and could not be benchmarked.

Increasing the resolution to 1024x768, we find that the GeForce 6200TC still has the performance crown as long as AA and AF are not in the picture. At this resolution, the XFX card has an average framerate of 42fps which is very smooth and playable. The Radeon X300 is a few fps behind with an average of 35fps. In each case, AA and AF were attempted at this resolution though the performance was poor enough to cancel the tests and declare the settings unusable.


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