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The GF 6200 TC Architecture


From a technical standpoint, the GeForce 6200 is a direct derivative of the NV44 architecture albeit with only four pipelines. In short, this means that the GeForce 6200 is a fully DX9 compliant card complete with support for Shader Model 3.0, PureVideo, and 32-bit floating data types. Going through the feature chart below, we find that the GeForce 6200 series shares many of the same features as the higher end cards. Unfortunately, there are a few limitations introduced to the core with both color and Z-compression being left out of the architecture. Although this will have no direct negative impact on standard gaming, it will have some very adverse effects once any FSAA is introduced.

Without question the largest advancement for this GPU is the implementation of NVIDIA's new TurboCache technology. Essentially, this new technology takes advantage of the enormous increase in bi-directional bandwidth afforded by PCI-Express to allow the GPU to use system memory in addition to its own local memory. This allows vendors to save significant amounts of money by using less local memory on the graphics card with little to no performance degradation. Comparing the standard architecture diagram below to the TureboCache model on the right, we see the architectural changes that were necessary to accomplish this. However, in each case we see the GPU's four pixel pipelines and three vertex shaders remaining unchanged. For a complete analysis on the features and functionality of the GeForce 6200 GPU, please reference Marco's in-depth review here.



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