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Performance Comparisons With F.E.A.R SP Demo
Candy for the Mind and Eyes...

One of the most highly anticipated titles of 2005, Monolith's new psychological thriller F.E.A.R promises to be as thrilling to the mind as it is to the eyes. Taking a look at the minimum system requirements, we see that you will need at least a 1.7GHz Pentium 4 with 512MB of system memory and a 64MB graphics card that is a Radeon 9000 or GeForce4 Ti-class or better. Considering our TurboCache graphics card and the Intel integrated solution, it would be interesting to see how our benchmark results would turn out. Using the newly released singleplayer demo, we put each card through its paces to see how they fared with a promising new title. Here, all graphics settings within the game were set to "Medium" and Trilinear Filtering enabled. Benchmark runs were then completed at resolutions of 640x480 and 800x600.

Taking a look at the results, it is somewhat surprising to see that the XFX GeForce 6200TC has the highest performance in each resolution we tested. As one would expect, the Intel IGP did a horrendous job at keeping up though it was surprising to see the game even run as it is well below the minimum system requirements. Even at these low resolutions, the game is taxing enough to have each card's performance well below the known 30fps requirement for adequate gameplay. However, it should be noted that the settings within the game were kept at a higher level to ensure the game was being presented as the developer intended. If you intend on spending a great deal of time with this game, you're better off investing more in your graphics budget as these cards all have their hands full with this taxing new title.

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