Windows 7 Up Close and Personal

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Gaming Performance

For gaming performance comparisons we used pre-recorded demos and ran them at the different resolutions noted below on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7 Beta 1. All test results were computed from actual Frames Per Second results achieved with each operating system at the specified resolutions. 1280x800 represents the native resolution for the notebook test system.

Gaming Performance
Half Life 2 Episode 2, Enemy Territory Quake Wars tests

Here we see that Windows 7 Beta 1 shows a slight performance gain of 1% over Windows Vista SP1 when tested at both 1280x800 and 800x600 resolutions.

Within Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, test results show a 2% gain at 1280x800 resolution for Windows 7 Beta 1 and a decrease of 4% less than Vista SP1 at 800x600 resolution.

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