WD My Passport Wireless Pro Review: Portable Storage For Mobile Devices

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My Passport Wireless Pro Conclusion

The WD My Passport Wireless Pro builds on the success of its predecessor and adds features, functions, and yes, a little weight, but it's worth the trade-off in our opinion. The WD My Passport Wireless Pro offers simple, automatic backups while on the road and the ability to add multiple terabytes of wirelessly accessibly storage capacity to a mobile device. The 2TB version of the drive is available for about $185 at the moment, while the larger 3TB model is about $229.

The software used to stream the drive's contents to your mobile device is easy to use and straightforward, and generally works very well so long as you stick with the supported formats. As we mentioned previously, when you get into non-standard formats, you'll have to use third-party players, which won't be as seamless as the My Passport playback software.

In future versions, we'd like to see WD try and shave some weight from the My Passport Wireless Pro, as 1.5 pounds is pretty hefty for a small mobile device of any kind, short of a laptop. A more rugged version with solid state storage would be great too, but there would obviously be trade-offs in capacity and pricing to consider should WD go that route at some point.

For its second go-around, WD has beefed up the My Passport Wireless Pro with more capacity, longer battery life and aUSB 3.0 port. This makes it more competitive against products like the LaCie Fuel and Seagate Wireless Plus. We don't really like the lack of decent documentation and the short USB cable included with the device, but those are minor nit-picks. Overall, the WD My Passport Wireless Pro works very well for its intended use cases. It is easy to set up and use, and it is very convenient and reliable.

  • Easy To Use
  • Good Battery Life
  • Handy Auto-Backup From Mobile Devices
  • A Bit Heavy
  • Poor Documentation

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