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The Visiontek GeForce3
Powered by NVIDIA and made in the USA

By Dave Altavilla

It's seems odd to classify the Quake 3 engine as "old".  However, its usefulness as a benchmark is just now beginning to show its age.  Although Quake 3 really doesn't show off the capabilities and power of the GeForce3, we realize most of you would be left with an "empty" sort of feeling, if we were to omit this benchmark standard.  We also used it in our over-clocking tests.

Quake 3 Arena Testing GF2U Vrs. GF3
It's all about fill rate...


At high resolutions, where fill rate counts, the GeForce3 does pull away handily from the GF2 Ultra.  We then decided to see what our Visiontek sample was capable of with respect to over-clocking.

Overclocking The Visiontek GeForce3
Decent gains


With 3.8ns DDR SDRAM on board, we were fairly impressed that we were able to realize a stable 530MHz. memory clock with no artifacts.  We didn't do any long term stress testing here however, so your results could vary somewhat.

Anti-Ailiasing Tests

Here the GeForce3 shows us how it is done.  4X AA at 1024X768X32 is simply gorgeous and totally playable at 50 fps.  We would also challenge you to tell the difference between Quincunx mode and 4X during game play.  At almost 70 fps, Quincunx is now my favorite way to play.


Real next generation gaming engines and real world performance, next.

 Aquanox, Dronez and The Heat Meter


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