VIA PT894 & PT880 Pro Chipset Preview

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CCWS 2004 and BWS 2004


Content Creation Winstone 2004
Performance in today's authoring apps

The Content Creation 2004 scores clearly favor Intel's 925XE, followed by the 915G chipset. VIA's PT894 finishes the metric, but a measurable distance behind the competing platforms. Our VIA PT880 Pro reference board wouldn't even complete the test, freezing at the same point on each run.

Business Winstone 2004
Poring through professional programs

All four motherboards get through Business Winstone without an issue and again, Intel's 925XE takes a first-place finish. The more modest 915G comes in second place, and the PT880 Pro, purportedly VIA's value offering, claims a third-place finish. The PT894, curiously enough, lags behind the pack, perhaps due to such disappointing memory bandwidth scores.

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