Velocity Micro Edge Z55 Intel Core i7 Gaming System

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Performance Analysis & Conclusion

Performance Summary:  All in all, the Edge Z55 Intel Core i7 Gaming System performed respectably in our benchmark tests. The new Core i7 platform definitely shows performance improvements over previous generation processors and chipsets. In most cases, the Edge Z55 Intel Core i7 Gaming System beat our test systems, or came in at a close No. 2 spot. 


Considering that the Edge Z55 Intel Core i7 Gaming System isn’t the highest-end system available, we have to give it credit for putting up some very respectable scores. This system is what you might categorize as a value-minded high-end gaming rig. As a result, it doesn’t offer absolutely top-end performance, but it also doesn’t have the top-notch price tag, either

During our time with the Edge Z55 Intel Core i7 Gaming System, it performed very well and didn’t give us any grief, except for the Memories test fluke in PC Mark Vantage. Given the way Velocity Micro prides itself in testing each machine before the company sends it out the door, we would expect this system to run well, and it did. With so many vendors quick to shove products out the door in hopes of better profits, we appreciate Velocity Micro’s attention to making sure the system worked as advertised and exhibited quality throughout its build.


The Edge Z55's chassis was nice and sturdy. It was also roomy inside of the case, with neatly routed cords and cables. Most of the motherboard and bays were easily accessible, except for the blocked PCI Express x1 slots. Also, even though a person could use the single PCI slot, it’s probably not the best idea because of the way in which it would limit the airflow to the top graphics card.


Velocity Micro offers a good amount of upgrade options for the Edge Z55, which gives you, the prospective buyer, options in choosing a system that fits both your needs and budget. Value and high-end gaming don’t usually go together, but the Edge Z55 strikes a good balance between each. We’d recommend the Z55 for anyone who is looking for a fast gaming desktop, especially if a pricier system is out of reach or outside the realm of budgetary sanity

  • Intel Core i7 920 processor = FAST
  • Lots of upgrade options
  • Signature aluminum case
  • Neatly-routed cables
  • No bloatware installed
  • Standard warranty includes phone support only during business hours
  • Blocked PCI Express x1 slots
  • Limited use PCI slot

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