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Thermaltakes Golden Orb II - The Run Down

Thermaltake's Golden Orb II Cooler -Up Close
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AMD Installation

As we alluded to earlier, installing the Thermaltake Golden Orb II is extremely simple with an AMD based motherboard.  As our pictures show, installing to a Socket 939 based motherboard doesn't get any easier and in most cases will not require motherboard removal. 


With our ECS test system, all we had to do was remove the mounting base and then apply two threaded stand-offs.  Once tightened in place, we applied the thermal grease and secured the Golden Orb II into position.  The screws on the cooler have stops on their shaft, applying just the right amount of tension while making over tightening a non-issue.

Once we powered on the sytem, the fan came to life with a blue LED glow that wasn't overly obnoxious, while giving an extra touch of class to an already impressive looking cooler.

Intel Installation

Installation on an Intel based motherboard was a bit more involved and will require the removal of the motherboard to complete.  After the board is removed, the mounting brackets need to be attached to the mainboard with the four screws provided.  Special attention needs to be paid to their orientation, otherwise the capacitors and mosfets may get in the way.  Once proper orientation is selected, simply attach the brackets, apply thermal grease and mount the cooler. 


Installation on the Intel platform is certainly not as convenient as with AMD's application.  Furthermore, we think the process could be improved so that it would not require removal of the motherboard.  Perhaps Thermaltake could borrow from the tension clips used on today's stock Pentium coolers, which lock into place by pressing on them.  We suspect, however, that the weight of the Golden Orb II is the defining reason for the screw mount application of for the Intel platform.

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