Thecus N7700 Network Attached Storage Server

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The performance of the Thecus N7700 was excellent in every test we ran. In the synthetic benchmark tests, the N7700 hit read and write speeds approaching the theoretical limit of its Gigabit Ethernet connection (~115MB/s write, ~110MB/s read) . In the real-world file copy tests, the N7700 didn't quite reach the numbers reported by the synthetic benchmark, but it still put up the best performance we have seen from a NAS server to date.


Aside from its somewhat dated looking browser-based configuration menu system and audible cooling fans, there is a whole lot to like about the Thecus N7700 NAS server. The device offers a myriad of useful features, it is easy to configure even for novices, and performance is top-notch. File transfers are very fast and the device wakes up from standby almost instantaneously. Aesthetically, we also found the N7700 to be quite attractive and it is constructed of high-quality materials.

Throughout weeks of testing, experimenting, and just daily use, the Thecus N7700 never faltered--not a single crash, re-boot, or lost or corrupt file. The device instills confidence at every turn. As an aside, the N7700 has actually be up and running in the lab non-stop, glitch free with 41 days uptime, serving multiple systems and a TViX multimedia jukebox--this thing just works.

If there is an Achilles' heel to the Thecus N7700, however, it's price. Currently the N7700 sells for about $880 to $999 dollars without drives. Factor in a septet of large SATA drives and the price will easily break the $1200 mark. Obviously, with a price that high, the Thecus N7700 will only appeal to a select group of affluent home users or small business users, but if its features, performance, and functionality are what you need, the Thecus N7700 is sure to satisfy.



  • Excellent Performance
  • Attractive Form Factor
  • Highly Configurable
  • High Quality Construction
  • Easy To Use


  • Dated Looking Menu Systems
  • Expensive
  • Fans Somewhat Noisy


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