Synology RT1900ac High Speed Wireless AC Router Review

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Synology RT1900ac Setup

Like all routers we've tested, we had to connect our modem to the WAN port on the router, power cycle the modem, and then open a browser window to get the startup process rolling. Follow along as we experienced the simple setup of this router.

router setup
The first window we saw was a simple greeting.

Router Admin Setup

The very first window asked us to create an administrator account, which is a step some router's software simply leaves out, making it difficult to login the next time you need access to the router. We like that this was an upfront step in the process. 

WiFi Setup

Next we had to name our network and set the password. By default both networks have the same name, with "5GHz" added to the second one so you can tell them apart. You can also name each network whatever you like after setup is complete. 

Router Operation Setup

Next you can choose to use the router as a wireless AP or as a bridge. You can also enable remote access to the SRM, which is the software used to control the router. 

Router Internet Connection Setup

Next we just clicked Apply since our IP is assigned by our ISP. 


The router then did some math.


That's it - we're done. All in all it took about five minutes. 

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