Super Talent T1000UX2G5 2GB PC2-8000 Memory

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Benchmark Summary and Conclusion

Benchmark Summary: We were impressed with Super Talent's showing in our benchmarks. Even with the T1000UX2G5 memory running underclocked at 800MHz, it stood its ground against Corsair's offering running at 3-2-2-8. When we configured it to run at its default speeds, the T1000UX2G5 also performed well and even slightly surpassed Corsair when overclocked. This RAM is well suited to overclockers, and showed us why it would be attractive to gamers and performance enthusiasts with our Doom 3 results. Memory bandwidth obviously went way up when we increased the speeds to 1GHz, but having the CPU running at 4GHz didn't hurt our scores either.



One small issue consumers should consider is that there are only a handful of motherboards that can run this RAM at its rated speeds without significant overclocking. In the future, when the Intel Conroe and AMD AM2 platforms ship, these speeds will become more commonplace, but currently people should be aware that they will need to manually tweak their BIOS settings to get the results we posted in our tests today. That said, this RAM was stable throughout all of our torture testing, and even felt relatively cool to the touch at 1GHz.


Another issue some might have with this memory kit is its hefty $400+ price tag. Many DDR2 800MHz 2GB kits are available for about $250, so Super Talent's may have to do some convincing to get potential customers to invest the extra money in this memory kit. And as of April 17, the T1000UX2G5 kit was only available at two on-line resellers, which doesn't bode well for those who might want to get a hold of this high performance DDR2 RAM right now. 


This is definitely a memory kit enthusiasts should have their eye on for their current LGA 775 systems and future AMD AM2 or Conroe rigs. All told, based on its good performance, overclockability, and 2GB capacity, we're giving the Super Talent T1000UX2G5 2GB PC2-8000 memory kit a 8 on the HotHardware Heat Meter.



._Great for overclockers
._Runs very cool

._2GB capacity
.  Not Clearly Labeled
_Most users will have to overclock systems to realize this kit's full potential

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