Soyo's P4I Fire Dragon & P4S Dragon Ultra P4 i845D and

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Soyo's P4I Fire Dragon & P4S Dragon Ultra
SiS 645 and i845D Compete - Soyo Style

By, Dave Altavilla
February 18, 2002

We'll close this showcase up with a few scores from Quake 3 Arena set at 640X480 at 16 bit color.  We also set texture detail and geometry to a modest "medium" setting.  This should allow our GeForce3 Ti 500 test card to avoid being the bottleneck and let the motherboards exhibit their best overall CPU integer and floating point performance.


Quake 3 Arena
Letting the CPU run flat out


It was interesting to see that the P4S Dragon Ultra with its full PC2700 (2.7GB/sec of bandwidth) DDR DRAM performance levels, didn't completely walk away with this test.  Again, we'll chalk that up to the fact that the i845 has been out on the market a lot longer (remember it was released with SDR DRAM support first) than the SiS645  and it's AGP drivers are a little more mature.  You may see this gap widen as the weeks and months roll on for the SiS645.  The P4I Fire Dragon comes in neck and neck with the Abit offering, showing that it can hold its own with others of its kind.



The P4S Dragon Ultra and the P4I Fire Dragon from Soyo, are two motherboard that show fantastic promise as they mature.  Yes, we did indeed have a few issues with their BIOS setups but we feel confident that these are easily resolved in future releases.  What impressed us the most with the P4S Dragon Ultra and the P4I Fire Dragon, was their fantastic levels of integration and overall "bang for the buck" with all of the added features, bells and whistles.  These boards may end up costing just a few dollars more than competitive products but with integrated 10/100 Ethernet, RAID, Sound and even Fire Wire, the slight extra investment will be easily justified for most.

Finally overall stability once these boards were set up, with either the P4S or P4I, was excellent.  Soyo has been know over the years for producing very high quality motherboards and these two are no exception.  The P4S Dragon Ultra and P4I Fire Dragon are "enthusiast" motherboards setup for over-clocking and tweaking and they handle very well under pressure.

We're giving the Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra and P4I Fire Dragon motherboards a Heat Meter rating of...



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