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Soyo's SY-TISU Motherboard
All Overclockers Welcome

By, Jeff Bouton
August 20, 2001

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Bring it on.

Below lists the system performance of the SY-TISU at a default 1.2GHz. and overclocked at 1.47GHz.











We found the CPU and Multimedia performance of the SY-TISU with the Tualatin processor to be on par with an AMD Athlon of the same speed.  Once we kicked the bus speed up to 163MHz., the CPU and Multimedia performance surged past all other CPU's on the chart.  The memory benchmarks were pretty respectable as well, encroaching into DDR territory at 163MHz. FSB.


Now we'll move up to the graphics-based benchmarks and see what this board is capable of...


Quake 3 Arena & 3DMark 2001
No Review Would Be Complete Without It...


We ran our next string of tests to see how the system performed with several of today's more popular benchmark utilities.  Our first choice is the veteran OpenGL benchmark, Quake 3 (demo001) at 640x480x16.



Running at a the default bus speed, the SY-TISU based system hit the CPU limit at 195FPS.  Kicking the FSB up to 163MHz., we were able to eke out an additional 6 FPS.  Let's see how our test system handles DirectX8 with MadOnion's 3DMark 2001...



Running the SY-TISU at a default FSB of 133MHz., our test system put out a very nice score of 5256, about 42 points less than the Intel baseline.  Once we tweaked the FSB to 163MHz., the score jumped to an impressive score of 6245!  That is a performance gain of over 18.8%.

Overall, our experience with the Soyo SY-TISU motherboard was nothing short of excellent.  This being the first of Soyo's motherboards to incorporate the Intel "Tualatin" Pentium III processor, we found its performance nothing short of superb.  When it comes to overclocking, this motherboard comes equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done with stability to boot.  Everything about this motherboard says quality, with excellent features and solid performance.  Anyone running a PIII looking to upgrade to a high-quality, overclockable motherboard, look no further.  The Soyo SY-TISU is an excellent choice for the casual user as well as the enthusiast looking for that board with a little extra.

For exceptional quality, features, performance, and stability, we give the Soyo SY-TISU motherboard a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Rating of a...

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