Soyo Dragon2 KT880 Motherboard

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PCMark 2004 and SPECViewperf


We used the latest versions of SPECViewperf and Futuremark's PCMark04 for the next set of tests.  These numbers will give us a general idea of how well these motherboards perform overall.


FutureMark's PCMark 2004
System Bandwidth


Again the trend continues to show the nForce2 Ultra motherboards at the top of the pile.  While the Hard Drive tests are in a tight race, at default speeds, the KT880 motherboard falls behind in the CPU and Memory tests by 4% and 6%, respectively.  While these differences may seem minute, they are detectable and do show that the nForce2 Ultra chipset is outperforming the KT880 based Soyo motherboard up to this point.

SPECViewperf 7.1.1
Workstation Performance


The results from our SPECViewperf tests paint the same picture, as the Soyo KT880 motherboard falls behind again albeit by a small margin.  Let's see if the Soyo KT880 motherboard can make up some ground in our next set of gaming benchmarks.


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