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Soltek SL-75MRN-L Motherboard
Soltek takes a crack at Nforce2

By, Tom Laverriere
April 20, 2003


To test the Soltek motherboard in its 3D gaming performance, we used the latest versions of Comanche and Quake 3 Arena.  Quake 3 may be a little outdated, but still gives a good idea of memory bandwidth performance in a system.  We also ran these tests using the on-board IGP ( Integrated Graphics Processor ) just to show what it can do, versus our stock GF4 Ti4200 card.  All tests were run at default and overclocked settings.


Quake 3 and Comanche 4
OpenGL and Direct 3D Gaming Performance

Stock GeForce 4 Ti 4200 graphics used on all non-IGP test scores
"Fastests" game settings used

The Soltek mainboard manages to score the highest in the bunch at default settings.    What is also interesting to see is how well the IGP performs.  Although we run these tests at "Fastest" settings to take as much strain off the video card as possible ( keep in mind we are testing the motherboard here, not the video card ), the IGP puts up decent numbers.  For any of you who are interested, we ran these games at the higher settings, what is more likely the case for most end-users today, and found that the IGP provided for smooth, lag-free game play, at least in Quake 3.  We found that the cutoff was at 1024x768 which is very respectable. The game looked sharp and crisp.  Some end-users may have found the game play at 1280x1024 very satisfactory, but for any hardcore online gamers, we feel it would've been at a disadvantage to play at such high settings, since there was a noticeable drop in frame rate.


Stock GeForce 4 Ti 4200 graphics used on all non-IGP test scores
"Fastests" game settings used

Here we find the Soltek at about the middle once again.  What we also see is how much of a strain Comanche 4 puts on a video card.  The IGP falls well behind the Ti4200 card and showed noticeable lag at even the low settings.  Obviously, an older generation GeForce4 card is going to struggle with newer titles, but to have everything you need packed on a mainboard for a little over $100 greenbacks, still makes this Soltek package an excellent value.

Unreal Tournament 2003 and The Ratings

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