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SiS Xabre 600: Impressions
The GPU That Scales With Your Processor

By: Chris Angelini
November 26, 2002

Serious Sam SE
More OpenGL, Elephant Atrium Style

Once again, the Xabre 600 falls short of both its competitors, though it should still be noted that these benchmarks are representative of the texture quality slider set at a level aesthetically comparable to the ATI and NVIDIA cards.  At "Normal" settings the Xabre performed on par with the GeForce4 MX and bested ATI's RADEON 9000 Pro.  We did experience some sort of filtering problem in Serious Sam using the "Quality" setting (dropping the console would result in blurry text).

Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo
A Little More DirectX 8

The flyby demo sequence illustrates what we were talking about earlier.  Applications that make heavier use of the host processor may suffer slower performance at low resolutions.  As the resolution increases, the graphics card becomes a more limiting factor and performance evens out to some degree, as we've just seen. Then again, this phenomenon may be related to some other aspect of Xabre's architecutre.

The Botmatch sequence is even more processor-intensive; further proof that the Vertexilizer engine may play a role in determining performance at low resolutions or other CPU-intensive situations.



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