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SiS Xabre 600: Impressions
The GPU That Scales With Your Processor

By: Chris Angelini
November 26, 2002

SiS Xabre 600
SiS Beats ATI And NVIDIA to .13-micron


The graphics processor powering the Xabre 600 board is virtually identical to what was featured on the preceding Xabre 400.  Mainly, the core consists of four rendering pipelines, each equipped with two texture units.  Running at 300MHz, SiS claims the core is capable of 30 million polygons per second.  Similarly, the board features a theoretical pixel fill rate of 1.2Gigapixels per second, and with all eight texture units fully utilized, up to 2.4Gigatexels per second.  SiS' .13-micron manufacturing process is probably the most significant contribution to the Xabre 600.  Not only does the smaller process facilitate faster operating frequencies, but it also allows the Xabre 600 to run at 300MHz without a loud cooling solution or an oversized heatsink. 

SiS' reference board includes the 301 companion chip, adding support for TV-output (S-Video or composite), Digital Flat Panel output, and a second CRT connector.

SiS used 64MB of Samsung memory on the reference board we received.  Though the 2.8ns memory modules are theoretically capable of 350MHz, SiS operates the 128-bit memory bus synchronously with the graphics processor, at 300MHz.  As mentioned, there is an overclocking utility that provides the option to decouple the two clock frequencies, but our overclocking attempts met with mixed results.  We managed to hit 330/350MHz with SiS' own cooling solution and some thermal grease.  However, while some applications would demonstrate an increase in performance, others would show the opposite.  Hardly reliable results in that department.



HotHardware Test Systems
SiS 648 for AGP Support

SiS Xabre 600 (64MB)
Driver Version: 3.07


NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440-8X

Driver Version: Detonator 40.71



Driver Version: Catalyst 2.4 (6200)


Common Hardware:

Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz

512MB PC3200 DDR400

IBM 30GB ATA-100 7200RPM Hard Drive

A Few Words About The Benchmarks:
In setting up our test machines, we install Windows XP on a formatted, FAT32 hard drive.  After installing the relevant drivers we disable system restore, all of the graphical enhancements in Windows XP, and the Automatic Update feature.  The desktop on each test bed is set to 1024x768, 32-bit color and a 85Hz refresh rate.

First, Windows XP has been updated to Service Pack 1. Quake III is at version 1.17 and we consequently use the 'demo001' demo.  3D Mark 2001 SE has been updated to Build 330.  

3D Mark and Comanche 4 


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