Building A Personal Cloud With Seagate 12TB Hard Drives And Synology DS918+ NAS

Seagate IronWolf And Barracuda Pro 12TB HDD And Synology DS918+ Verdict

If you’re in need of high-capacity hard drives for a high-performance desktop / workstation or Network-Attached Server, the 12TB Barracuda Pro or IronWolf drives we’ve shown you here are excellent options. At $499 for the 12TB Barracuda Pro or $399 for the 12TB IronWolf, the drives are not cheap, but those prices equate to less than a nickel per gigabyte, which is competitive, given the drives’ strong overall performance (relatively to other hard drives).

We also really like the Synology DiskStation DS918+. The DS918+ is available for about $549, is extremely easy to setup and configure, it’s quiet, and gives users the ability to access storage volumes locally or remotely, from anywhere with a reliable connection to the internet. Although tech-geeks are aware of the convenience and benefits of network-attached storage, the masses still seem somewhat mystified by it, which is a shame. The ability to have a reliable, massive storage volume, that’s accessible to virtually any device attached to the network is very handy. And a device like the DS918+, that also has the ability to work with a wide-array of plug ins for things like surveillance systems or Wordpress, is an excellent choice. There are so many plug-in for this thing, we’d fill this page listing them all – take a look for yourself.

There’s a limitless array of configuration options should you want to set up your own personal “cloud”, when you consider the number of drives, servers, and RAID options out there. Should you choose to go this route, however, we recommend considering these new 12TB Seagate and a user-friendly device like the Synology DiskStation DS918+.

Seagate Barracuda And IronWolf 12TB Hard Drives

  • Massive Capacity
  • Strong Performance (For HDDs)
  • Low Cost Per GB
  • Pricey Overall
  • Slow Compared To SSDs

Synology DiskStation DS918+ NAS

  • Great Features
  • Easy To Setup And Use
  • Tons Of Plug Ins
  • Expandable
  • Limited by Gigabit Ethernet (Like Most Other SMB NAS Devices)
  • Pricey

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