Seagate Cheetah 15K.6 Hard Drive

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IOMeter - Single Disk Comparison

Workstation and Database File Patterns (IO's per Second)

The Cheetah X15.6 delivers solid overall performance in Iometer, as a single disk can deliver roughly 370 IO's/s at its maximum for the workstation pattern. The VelociRaptor is close in this pattern, delivering about 350 IO's/s. In our Database pattern, the Cheetah X15.6 struggled a bit under heavier loads, allowing the VelociRaptor to grab the performance lead in this particular IOmeter pattern. We were expecting slightly more from the X15.6 drives here, but this looks to be a case of the controller card holding back the drives slightly. When we loaded up multiple drives in RAID configurations, the Cheetah finally showed some muscle, as seen in the next page.

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