Seagate 750GB Barracuda ES


Several months ago, Seagate got the PC industry's attention with the introduction of the company's first 750GB consumer hard drive. As shown within our review of the drive, the Barracuda 7200.10 combined excellent performance with unparalleled capacity and a stellar 5-yr warranty. Fast forward to today and we find ourselves looking at Seagate's latest entry into the enterprise market with the arrival of the 750GB Barracuda ES.

As was the case with its brethren, the Barracuda ES owes its monstrous capacity to perpendicular recording technology. As illustrated in the image above, we see that the bits from the data stream are now oriented perpendicular to the plane of the drive platter instead of being parallel as with a conventional hard drive. As a result, the recording field is nearly doubled allowing for the significant increase in capacity versus traditional hard drives. Beyond the obvious immediate benefit of higher capacities, the use of Perpendicular Recording Technology provides hard drive vendors with another path with which to increase areal density. Without this technology, hard drive vendors would be hard pressed to cram more bits into the available real estate and would be hitting a brick wall in terms of capacity.

Unlike the standard desktop drive, enterprise-class drives are designed to withstand a significantly harsher and more demanding environments. Here, the highest level of performance is demanded along with the highest possible reliability. Referencing the image provided by Seagate above, we see the dramatic difference in failure rate versus IOPS (Input Output Per Second). The Seagate Barracuda ES represents the highest-capacity SATA enterprise hard drive available on the market today. Along with the exceptional capacity, the Barracuda ES also boasts the industry's highest reliability ratings. 

Seagate Barracuda ES 750GB SATA HDD (Model # ST3750640NS)
Specifications & Features
Capacity: 750 GB
Interface: SATA 3Gb/s
Spindle Speed: 7200 RPM
Cache Buffer: 16MB
Number Of Platters: 4 (188 GB each)
Number Of Heads: 8
Bytes Per Sector: 512
Height: 26.1 mm
Length: 146.99 mm
Width: 101.6 mm
Weight: 720 g

Seek Times
Average Latency: 4.16 ms
Seek Time: 11.0 ms

Transfer Rate
Transfer Rate, Max Ext: 300 MB/s

Idle Mode: 2.7 bels
Seek Mode: 3.0 bels

Power Requirements
Seek: 12.6 watts
Idle: 9.3 watts
Standby: 0.8 watts

Perpendicular Recording
      Perpendicular Recording increases data density
      while decreasing moving parts for a more
      dependable drive.

Serial ATA 3Gb/s (300MB/s)
      This product is configurable from SATA 1.5Gb/s
      to SATA 3Gb/s for easy interoperability.

Adaptive Fly Height
      Adaptive Fly Height offers consistent read/write
      performance from the beginning to end of your
      computing workloads.

Clean Sweep
      Clean Sweep automatically calibrates your drive
      each time you power up.

Directed Offline Scan
      Directed Offline Scan runs diagnostics when
      storage access is not required.

Seagate SoftSonic
      Seagate SoftSonic motor enables whisper-quiet

Enhanced G-Force Protection
      Enhanced G-Force Protection defends against
      handling damage.

5 Year Warranty


At first glance, it would be nearly impossible to distinguish the Barracuda ES drive from the Barracuda 7200.10 drive we've previously reviewed. Looking at the front and back of the drive, we find the same casing used with the only point of differentiation being the label itself. It should be noted that the drive we received was labeled as an "OEM" drive, though mechanically it would be the same identical drive to those which can be purchased through retail.


Although the drive ships without a jumper and thus operates at full speed regardless, users should also note the SATA jumper setting. Here, the drive can be run either at SATA 150 or SATA 300 levels by placing a jumper on pins directly to the right of the SATA data cable. When the jumper is present, the drive is limited to 1.5GB/s whereas having no jumper allows for a full 3GB/s.

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