SATA III SSD Round-Up: OCZ, Corsair, Patriot, Crucial

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AS-SSD Compression Test

Next up we ran the Compression Benchmark built-into AS SSD, an SSD specific benchmark being developed by Alex Intelligent Software. This test is interesting because it uses a mix of compressible and incompressible data and outputs both Read and Write throughput of the drive. We only graphed a small fraction of the data (1% compressible, 50% compressible, and 100% compressible), but the trend is representative of the benchmark’s complete results.

AS SSD Compression Benchmark
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There are three main things to take away from these AS SSD Compression Benchmark results. First, notice that the performance of the SandForce-based drives tapers off as the data become less compressible. Second, the performance of the SandForce-based drives equipped with Micron NAND show a much sharper drop-off than the drive with Toshiba NAND. And finally that the Marvell controller-based Crucial M4 performs identically regardless of how compressible the data is.

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