Sapphire's Ultimate HD 3850 and Atomic HD 3870

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PT Boats: Knights of the Sea

Performance Comparisons with PT Boats: Knights of the Sea


PT Boats:
Knights of the Sea

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is a naval war-sim based on a substantially modified version of the Storm engine.  It takes a full grip of all DirectX 10 graphics and film-quality features to create a more realistic gaming experience. These improvements include: advanced ocean rendering, soft particles, reflections, light beams and advanced transparency, and advanced HDR for gunfire and sun reflections.  We used the DX10 Benchmark available from their website using High Quality settings at 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 without any Anti-Aliasing applied.


PT Boats is the only non-FPS game in our testing, but it is just as punishing as Crysis on graphic cards.  Originally we had planned on using 4xAA but this resulted in mostly single digit frame rates with some odd anomalies so we decided to ease back a bit and disable AA for now.  The results are in line with what we've seen in the other benchmarks with the 8800s in the front, the two HD 3870s in the middle with very similar frame rates, and the HD 3850 posting the lowest, yet still respectable, scores.

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