Sapphire Radeon HD Triple-Shot: 2600Pro OC, 2600XT and 2400XT

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Overclocking with Quake 4

(Fast 3D Video Cards) + Overclocking = Even Faster Cards

Rounding out our testing, we tried our hand at some overclocking to see how each of these cards faired.  Once the optimal settings were found, we ran our Quake 4 test again to show what performance gains could be uncovered.



Our overclocking attempts were limited to the two HD 2600 class cards as the HD 2400XT would not overclock.  There was no Overdrive option in drivers and ATITOOL could not change any clockspeeds either, so we moved on.  The HD 2600XT proved to overclock fairly well, adding 57Hz to the core and 79MHz to the memory.  Sadly, this added a mere 2FPS across the board, yielding minimal returns for our effort.  the HD 2600Pro OC, however, offered higher gains overall.  Here we managed to add 130MHz to the core while the memory had 180MHz waiting to be discovered.  The increase in clockspeeds resulted in an even 5FPS bonus at both resolutions.

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