Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM Widescreen Monitor

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Performance Summary: Throughout our testing we found the Samsung 2493HM to be an excellent display. It performed acceptably in the multimedia tasks it was designed for an it also handled standard desktop tasks with aplomb. While the screen suffers from the same color accuracy and viewing angle issues as other LCDs based on TN panel technology, the 2493HM is positioned for multimedia and it does its intended job well. The only gripe we had with the 2493HM's image quality was the relatively poor black level which was most noticeable during movie playback. Switching on dynamic contrast alleviated this issue to an extent but the effect was not desirable during movie playback. However, the 2493HM proved to be an excellent gaming monitor, delivering fast visuals free of ghosting and blurring.


With a street price of only $389, the Samsung 2493HM is one of the newest members of a new breed of value oriented 24" monitors. Samsung has taken a cost effective TN panel and placed it inside a high quality shell to produce a moderately priced 24" multimedia monitor that is high in value. While the 2493HM can't stand up to comparison with higher quality screens like Dell's 2408WFP or Samsung's own 245T, the 2493HM has the distinct advantage of being significantly cheaper by well over $100.

The Samsung 2493HM's main shortcomings are the result of its use of a TN panel. This makes the 2493HM ill suited for professional graphics work but doesn't hamper its ability to play back movies, and the screen's relatively quick 5ms response time makes it excellent for games. While the screen does have built-in speakers, the sound quality is unimpressive.

Unlike other low-cost 24" screens, the 2493HM isn't just a large screen in a cheap enclosure. The 2493HM's build quality is top notch and you can expect the same level of quality and attention to detail that Samsung puts into their high-end monitors and HDTVs. The high-gloss finish is excellent and unlike other cheap 24" monitors, the 2493HM offers VGA, DVI as well as HDMI connections. The 2493HM also has the added advantage of a sturdy 4-way adjustable stand with a built-in 2-port USB hub, a distinct luxury in this price segment. These features elevate the 2493HM clear above most other 24" screens under $400.

While graphics artists may not be too impressed, the budget conscious user will find a lot to like in the 2493HM. Overall we think the Samsung 2493HM is a good monitor and we would recommend the 2493HM to anyone looking for a large 24" monitor that doesn't require the professional color accuracy and gamut of an expensive screen.



  • Great Value
  • High Brightness
  • Good Response Time
  • 4-way Adjustable Stand w/ USB Hub
  • Ample Connectivity (VGA, DVI, HDMI)
  • Good Looks and Build Quality
  • Mediocre Viewing Angles
  • Unsuitable for professional graphics work (TN panel)


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