Samsung SyncMaster 2243BW Wide Screen LCD

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Performance Summary: Throughout our testing we found the Samsung 2243BW to be an excellent display. If we were stuck with a single brightness, contrast and gamma setting for all of our testing, as is the case for most monitors, then we would have found the 2243BW to be quite capable, although slightly lacking in range. Luckily that wasn't the case and the 2243BW allowed us to switch between 7 different customizable presets on the fly which really allowed us to take advantage of the monitor's full capability. We found the 2243BW was capable of providing fairly accurate color reproduction when required and that it was also a 'fun' monitor that could throw accurate calibration in the wind with a few quick presses of a button, and deliver high contrast video and great looking, ghost-free games.


While 22" inch monitors are currently one of the sweet spots of the monitor market, with entry level models starting as low as $190, the Samsung 2243BW is definitely not an entry level model. A quick search on the HotHardware price matching system reveals that owning a 2243BW will currently set you back about $320. While this isn't especially expensive for a quality 22" monitor, it's no where near the entry level price. However, you probably won't find an entry level 22" monitor with this level of performance and features, not to mention a fully adjustable stand.

Overall we think the Samsung 2243BW is a great monitor with only one really notable shortcoming; the difficult to see button labels. Unfortunately, the low visibility of the buttons also takes away much of the utility of one of the monitor's best points, its MagicBright brightness and contrast preset system. While using the MagicBright system does tend to be a little tedious since you need to switch between different presets, it is a downright chore when you can't see the button labels properly. Luckily, the 2243BW is a fine monitor even without using the MagicBright presets, although you will want to use them, to get the most out of your investment.



  • Great Image Quality
  • Good Response Time
  • 4-way Adjustable Stand
  • MagicBright Presets
  • Wobbly Screen
  • Controls Hard To See


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