Samsung SSD 750 EVO SATA Solid State Drive Review

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Conclusion and Performance Summary

Performance Summary: The Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB set a high bar for performance, and the more affordable SSD 750 EVO is just one step behind it. It is very competitive with its big brother, and is ultimately limited by the legacy SATA interface, rather than the type of NAND used in the drive. Transfer rates were strong across the board and the trace-based PCMark benchmarks had the Samsung SSD 750 EVO trailing only the higher-end 850 EVO overall.

If you look at all of the numbers, the Samsung SSD 750 EVO is a decent alternative to the 850 EVO, which runs on average about $25 - $30 more for the same capacity drive. The 500GB model that we tested isn’t quite the fastest drive out there, but where it trailed it did so by such a margin you would need a specialized benchmark to see the difference -- in real world use the Samsung SSD 750 EVO is plenty fast.

The difference in technology used in Samsung's drives translates to a difference in price. The 750 EVO series is definitely a step down in cost over the 850 EVO at the same capacity. Here's how pricing on the drives looks as of today...

The 128GB drive comes in at about $0.44 per GB, while the 500GB drive is just $0.28 per GB. That's quite a deal and really, you should get the highest capacity drive you can afford. There's little justification for a 120GB drive any more, considering you could get most then double the capacity for about 20 bucks. 

In the end, the Samsung SSD 750 EVO series offers excellent performance for a SATA drive at a budget price. The drive we tested offered very good performance, it has a relatively long warranty, competitive pricing, and a high endurance rating. You can’t ask for much more in a solid state drive.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • High Endurance
  • Good Performance With Typical Desktop Workloads
  • Warranty Not As Long As Some Competing Drives

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