Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review: Premium Android Productivity And Entertainment

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 - General System Performance

The Galaxy Tab S3 is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM. This hardware combination is driving a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED QXGA display with a resolution of 2048x1536. Let’s take a closer look at what this hardware combination has to offer by running a few benchmarks...

SunSpider and JetStream
JavaScript and Browser Testing



As you can see, the Galaxy Tab S3 performs very well in the latest version of the SunSpider test, earning the top spot in the chart. Unfortunately, we have fewer tablets for comparison in the JetStream benchmark, so we’re including some phones in the chart. The Galaxy Tab S3 fares well, but finds itself a few notches below a couple of the phones in the JetStream comparison chart.

Futuremark PCMark For Android
General Purpose Pocket Computing Performance Metrics

Futuremark's PCMark for Android is a new benchmark addition here for us, so we have fewer results in our database of tested tablets to show you. However, this is an excellent suite of tests that we recommend for benchmarking performance of a tablet with heavier-duty tasks for things like image and video editing, as well as lighter-duty workloads like email, and web browsing. When you see the test running live it's clear its scripted application tests are carefully selected and tuned to make use of the platforms involved in a very controlled way.

PCMark Work

Of the tablets we have for comparison in this test the Galaxy Tab S3 comes out on top, beating out the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 by a good margin in all of the components of the test except Web browsing. As you can see, Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphones, the S8+ and S8, beat the Galaxy Tab 3 in all components of the PCMark test due to their more powerful Snapdragon 835 SoC.

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