Samsung Galaxy Note II Smartphone Review

Performance: Network and Browsing

Since networks and browsing speeds are a key feature of any smartphone, we also conducted some formal speed tests to see how well the Samsung Galaxy Note II compared to some of today's hottest smartphones using the app and Rightware's Browsermark benchmark.
SpeedTest.Net Performance
Network Speeds


Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note II we received for testing was configured for T-Mobile's network, which can't come close to matching the speeds of AT&T's or Verizon's true 4G LTE network. Still, at 11.3Mb down and 2.2Mb up, we don't think many users would complain about the Note II's download speeds using TMo.

Rightware Browsermark
Web Browsing Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note II put up an excellent score in Rightware's Browsermark. The iPhone 5 blew everything out of the water upon its release a few weeks ago, but the Samsung Galaxy Note II was able to overtake the iPhone 5 and outpace every other smartphone we have tested to date.

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