Rise Of The Tomb Raider PC Gameplay And Performance: A Graphics Stunner

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Your rig may not be ready for Rise Of The Tomb Raider on full-tilt max settings but the PC version is the definitive experience in our humble opinion. Additionally, the game improves on the 2013 reboot with more to do and far more replayability, thanks to the many side quests and diverging paths to explore for more to see, more loot and glory. Here again we have an odd placement for the amount of violence and gun-toting. Sure, Indiana Jones featured bullets blazing in several scenes but fewer were fired by Dr. Jones himself. Still, the adventuring proceeds just as well; we would simply like to see more of it. As mentioned, the game shines when Lara is exploring using her skills and agility to decipher clues from relics, scale cliff faces, mountain climb, shimmy, rappel and spelunk through the game’s different terrain.

Tomb Raider screen14
Rise Of The Tomb Raider is gorgeous and is better balanced across different hardware than the 2013 reboot. However, there are some things that don’t sit well with us. Lara can take several hits from gunfire, multiple times over and remain unfazed. Yet she seems more troubled by the elements, cold weather, rain, etc.  We’re still playing of course, so it’s not that jarring, but it does detract from the immersion slightly.

Tomb Raider screen11

Finally the biggest let-down of the game is that it doesn’t tread forth confidently in what it does well. Instead, much of the game follows the story of going to fight a guerrilla style war for the locals, which is kind of lame. We want more tomb raiding from our Tomb Raider. Regardless this is a beautiful addition to the series that should not be missed by anyone who loves the genre of survival games in general. Just make sure your PC is up to for the adventure.
hothardware recommended
  • We're raiding tombs again
  • Gorgeous, immersive 
  • Great blend of survival & exploration
  • Depth in customization w/ tons of skills to acquire
  • Plenty to do for would-be adventurers
  • Significant replayability
  • Gun battles seem overly used, add little to core appeal
  • Lukewarm, uninspiring story line
  • Very intensive on low-midrange systems

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