5-Way Mechanical Keyboard Roundup: Top Decks For Gamers And Enthusiasts

AUKEY KM-G3 RGB Design And Performance

The AUKEY KM-G3 is designed to be minimalistic and space-efficient, all while offering the same features as larger keyboards. In total, the keyboard comes in at just 17.2 inches wide, making it the smallest of all the keyboards included in this roundup. Even with its smaller stature though, the KM-G3 was still able to fit a full 104 key layout. The real kicker here is that for just $65.99 USD, you get full customizable backlighting with 9 preset LED lighting effects, 5 editable game lighting combinations, and 7 color options for each key. That's more than most products offer for over $100 USD.

Along with the lighting, the AUKEY KM-G3 also has a brushed aluminum top panel with a thick plastic base. The overall feel isn't as nice as some of the other keyboards we are testing, but at this price point its hard to complain.

aukey main

The back of the keyboard is very basic. The only real thing to note on the back is that there are two adjustable stands on each side to increase the height of the back-end. The angle of a keyboard is a personal preference, but we always find additional comfort when the back-end is slightly higher than the base. There are also non-slip pads at both the top and bottom of the keyboard that prevent any slippage while typing or gaming.

aukey back

The G3 uses Cherry MX Blue clone switches designed by Outemu. The reason to not use Cherry is a cost saving measure, but the thankfully those savings are passed down to the consumer.

Outemu Blue offer a similar tactile bump and audible click to Cherry MX Blue switches, but they are less expensive. The nice part is the savings are what allow AUKEY to include full RGB customizable backlighting at such an affordable price. Also, even though this keyboard doesn't use Cherry switches all the keys still offer full n-key roll over and anti-ghosting features.

aukey switch
The AUKEY KM-G3 has hot-keys spread throughout the keyboard. All of the F-keys have dual functions. For instance F1 through F8 keys all sport multimedia options, while the remaining F-keys can be used as a shortcut to open your email or calculator. In addition, the command keys are all setup to adjust the customizable backlighting. The arrow keys at the bottom can increase or decrease the brightness of the lights, while the command keys change the color and theme.

While AUKEY doesn't include any additional keycaps they did throw in a keycap puller. The one included with our keyboard didn't fit any of the keys right though. Both of the arms were bent out, preventing them from pulling the key out of the keyboard. It's a nice tool to include, we would have just preferred it actually worked.

aukey keypuller

AUKEY KM-G3 RGB Performance

Even though AUKEY doesn't use traditional Cherry MX switches, the keys still had excellent feedback and response time. The one thing you'll notice typing on any blue switch though is the noise, even when not bottoming out. Of course these switches were designed to offer a nice tactile bump and an audible click. The click isn't for everyone, but some people, especially typists swear by them. Gamers might be put off some, however, because blue switches are harder to double tap. This is due to the release point being above the actuation point. Aside from the noise, the KM-G3 puts on a real light show for its low price point. In total you have 7 colors to work with and up to 9 color themes to chose from.

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