5-Way Mechanical Keyboard Roundup: Top Decks For Gamers And Enthusiasts

Corsair K70 LUX RGB Design

We were there when Corsair first launched its original mechanical keyboard lineup with the first K70 and K90 keyboards. Since then a lot has changed, but a lot has also stayed the same. The overall look of the K70 series stays very similar to its roots. It still has the brushed aluminum exterior and the multimedia keys have all remained the same. This new generation though, brings with it fully customizable RGB backlighting that can be programmed via the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software. As well as larger font on each key and MOBA-style keycaps.

Corsair K70 LUX RGB

The K70 RGB measures 18.6 x 8.3 inches, which is larger than most mechanical keyboards. The added size though allowed Corsair to squeeze some additional features onto the keyboard, but it will still fit nicely on any gaming desktop.

lux rgb main

The Corsair K70 LUX RGB has dedicated multimedia keys on the right side of the keyboard that can control audio playback on the fly. There's a scroll wheel that allows you to increase and decrease the volume, as well as dedicated buttons to stop, fast forward or rewind playback. This is a handy feature that also gives users the ability to adjust audio settings without having to exit a game, or fumble around looking for audio options while in the heat of battle.

lux rgb multimedia

Corsair has released the K70 in Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue flavors. The keyboard we tested is the one that will end up in the hands of most games, as it includes linear Cherry MX Red switches. These switches are designed for gamers and have an actuation force of 45 cN. In addition, MX Red switches are very light weight allowing for more rapid actuation. Most gamers swear by the MX Cherry switches because they allow for rapid double or triple-taps. The smoother, linear movement also makes these switches quieter than tactile and clicky switches.

What is unique about this keyboard is each switch has its own integrated multi-color LED under the keycap. This allows each key to be programmed to a specific color, or to do a certain function when pressed. We will get more into this when we show off the software suite and lighting effects on the next page.

lux rgb switch

The K70 LUX RGB also includes both a USB pass through port and a BIOS switch on the back of the keyboard. The USB pass through allows you to connect a device to the computer straight though the keyboard. This is a nice feature considering the K70 LUX RGB takes up two USB ports on the I/O panel.

The BIOS switch is an interesting feature, not included on the other boards in the roundup. What this does is allow the polling rate of the keyboard to by switched on the fly. In total there are four options on the back, 1, 2, 4 and 8. The polling rate refers to how frequently the computer polls for data. The BIOS settings break down as followed: 8 = 125Hz, 4 = 250Hz, 2 = 500Hz and 1 = 1000Hz.

lux rgb bios

Along with the standard keycaps, Corsair has also included replacements for both the common FPS and MOBA gaming caps. All of the included caps are contoured and textured for both comfort and grip. The keycaps are predominately solid, with a grey top and black bottom. The lettering is designed to allow the light from the keys to shine though the cap.

lux rgb keycap

The included MOBA and FPS keycaps are also shaped to ensure your fingers don't slip off the ends during gaming sessions. Unlike traditional keys the additional ones included have high peaks on the edges of the keycap, which along with the textured surface, make it easier to keep your fingers on the keys and in the game.

The grey color also adds a nice contrast to the black keycaps, which makes them easier to find and is aesthetically pleasing.

lux rgb keycaps

The cable coming from the K70 is large, much larger than those on standard keyboards. While some might find the cable too thick, it is a visual improvement over standard cables. There are also two USB cables included, one that powers the keyboard and another for the pass through. While the braided cable looks nice, the overall width of the cable can be a bit of an issue when trying to route the cable out of view.

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