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Corsair K70 LUX RGB Software And Performance

The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software for the K70 LUX isn't included with the bundled accessories, but it can easily be found at Corsair's website. Overall the software is very good, and there's a decent amount of included settings to adjust the color of each key and its lighting effects. There are also forums dedicated to adjusting the settings and custom profiles you can download to change the lighting controls. However, if you really want to create something unique, it will take a while to learn all the ins and outs of the software and program each key. Luckily there are a ton of presets available.

When you first load up CUE there are three drop down menus and a list of peripherals along the top. In addition, the LUX RGB is clearly shown at the center of the screen and the RGB settings are shown in real time.
lux rgb software 1

The first drop down menu is "Actions". In this menu you can setup macros per-key, change RGB settings and record your personal settings. This menu is going to give you the most control over the LUX RGB keyboard, but there is a learning curve. However, if you're patient and really take the time to learn what you are doing you can create something personalized that most current keyboards on the market can't offer.

lux rgb software 2

The next option is "Lighting Effects". What you get here are 11 preset factory options that make the keyboards lighting effects come to life without having to spend hours learning how to program each key. Instead you can simply select from one of the options in the drop down menu and you're off to the races. The settings range from Spiral Rainbow to Color Wave and there are a good amount of options in between.

lux rgb software 3

The "Performance" option lets you adjust the color scheme on the fly. You can select from basic colors, change the effects via a color wheel or set your own unique RBG color numbers. This feature allows you to quickly change RBG settings across the board and is easy enough to make quick changes. For those of us that want complete control, there are more than enough options her to spend hours geeking out on.

lux rgb software 4

Corsair K70 LUX Performance

The Cherry MX Red switches used on the K70 LUX we evaluated are designed for gamers, and this clearly shows when using the board. While testing the K70 we played through an array of games and had a good experience overall. The genre we preferred the most was first person shooters because the textured FPS keycaps provided an extra layer of comfort and security during gaming. We aren't going to say they'll make you a better gamer, but it's nice to know your fingers will stay on the right keys thanks to the textured surfaces. When it comes to typing the LUX RGB is also very responsive and comfortable. From a hardware standpoint this product is one of the better options on the market in our opinion.

The only real issue is the software. Corsair really went all out in the design of their CUE software, and it shows. There are plenty of lighting options and any key can be programmed with a macro. However, the software isn't user friendly enough to simply open it and get the desired lighting effects, or to add macros on the fly. Corsair has included some presets to make things easier for beginners, but there is still some work to do -- Corsair clearly designed CUE with hardcore enthusiasts in mind.

Besides the software we would like to see Corsair update their included wrist rest. Just including one is a good thing, but the plastic clips that attach the wrist rest to the keyboard don't inspire confidence. Getting it off the board is also not as easy as getting it on. Other than that, we are glad they include it. It truly does add comfort and style.

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