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Visual Tour: Interior

Activision Blizzard was upfront about the blades being sold as-is and any attempts to fire one up is at the discretion of the bidder. I didn't test the parts to see if they still work, nor do I care one way or the other.

Over on the top you can make out the HP Smart Array 6i Ultra320 64MB SCSI RAID controller with a 32-bit architecture and universal hot-plug tape drive support. Below that is the integrated Gigabit NIC.

Four DDR DIMM slots flank the dual processors sitting beneath the two heatsinks.

This particular server (or realm, if you prefer), came with four 512MB sticks of Micron DDR-400 ECC memory and two 2GB sticks of Infineon brand memory for a total of 6GB.

This is where the hard drives would go. Activision Blizzard removed all drives prior to auctioning off these servers to prevent anyone from swiping game or user-related data. Drats, foiled again!

With shipping, which was almost as much as the server itself, I paid $243.50 for this showpiece. That's the equivalent of a few tanks of gas (*barf*) and easily one of the coolest tech items I've ever purchased.

We hope you enjoyed this look at one of Activision Blizzard's retired WoW servers; it's definitely one of our favorite pieces of tech memorabilia. If you've got anything in your collections you'd like to brag about, be sure to drop us note in the comments. We'd love to see what you all have on hand!

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