PowerColor PCS+ Radeon R9 390 8GB GDDR5 Review

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Overclocking The Radeon R9 390X

We’ve only had our hands on the Powercolor Radeon R9 390 PCS+ card for a very short time, but spent a little while overlcocking to see what kind of additional performance we could squeeze out of the card. Due to time constraints, we kept things simple, but were still able to massage a few additional MHz from the card’s GPU and memory.

To overlcock the card, we used the Overdrive tools built right into AMD’s drives. First we cranked up the power target by 20% and kicked up the GPU by 10% and increased the memory clock by 75MHz. Unfortunately, though some games ran at these settings, others (like Bioshock) crashed. Ultimately, we re-stabilized things with an 8.5% increase to the GPU clock and a 55MHz increase in the memory, which resulted in a 1095MHz GPU clock and 1555MHz memory.



While we had the card overclocked, we re-ran a couple of tests and saw some marked improvement in performance. The increases aren’t huge, but free performance is always welcome in our book.

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