Paradigm SHIFT: MainGear's Unique Gaming Rig Tested

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DirectX 11 Gaming Performance


BattleForge is a free-to-play EA online card game that's vaguely reminiscent of Magic: The Gathering but with better graphics and no need to carry around a shoebox of cards. The game supports DirectX 9, 10/10.1, and 11; our screenshots were taken with the game in DX11 mode and with the optional high quality texture pack installed. BattleForge has a built-in benchmark accessible from the "Graphics" subsection which makes it handy for performance comparisons as well.

Origin Genesis: 1 or 2 x Radeon HD 5970, Maingear Shift: 2 x GeForce GTX 480

With BattleForge running in DX11 mode, the Shift's GTX 480's eke out their first clear victory within our benchmark suite. Here, it's ATI's HD series that falls behind; adding a second 5970 increases performance by 46 percent. That's respectable, but it doesn't match the scaling we saw from other titles. The GTX 480's outperform the more expensive HD 5970s by 19 percent.

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