Palm Pre Review, Competition For The iPhone


The Palm Pre may not be perfect—it’s missing a few features that we would have liked to see—but it is still a very good device that should give the iPhone a bit of competition. Among the features we missed most were an expansion card slot and an on-screen keyboard. We also wished Palm would have done something to make the Pre’s hardware keyboard feel a little less cramped. The Pre also lacks video recording and voice dialing capabilities, which are starting to become more and more common these days.

All that said, the Pre’s multitasking functionality and the webOS interface make it a unique device that’s fun and easy to use. The Deck of Cards functionality and notification system definitely help to set the Pre apart from other smartphones as well.

The Pre should give Sprint customers something to be excited about, though it’s important to realize that no single device will please everyone. Early adopters, gadget lovers, and users looking for more functionality from their phone should be well-served by the Pre. Business users may also enjoy the device, assuming the battery life is sufficient for your uses.

While the Palm Pre probably won’t kill the iPhone (that’s a pretty tall order to fill), it is a worthy competitor that offers some very cool features and puts Palm back in the smartphone game. Overall, we ended up impressed with the new webOS and Pre smartphone and look forward to additional webOS devices and handsets from Palm in the future.

  • Slick user interface
  • Multitasking capabilities
  • Full Web browser
  • Vibrant display
  • Small hardware keyboard, no on-screen keyboard at this time
  • No memory expansion slot
  • No voice dialing capabilities at this time

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