OCZ Vertex 3 Pro SandForce SF-2000 Based SSD Preview

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PCMark Vantage HDD

We really like PCMark Vantage's HDD Performance module for its pseudo real-world application measurement approach to testing. PCMark Vantage offers a trace-based measurement of system response times under various scripted workloads of tradtional client / desktop system operation. From simple Windows start-up performance to data streaming from a disk drive in a game engine and video editing with Windows Movie Maker, we feel more comfortable that these tests reasonably illustrate the performance profile of SSDs in an end-user / consumer PC usage model.

This series of Vantage tests will stress read performance in real-world usage models, with a broad mix of sequential and random read transactions of both small and large file sizes.

Futuremark's PCMark Vantage


Disregarding the OCZ Vertex 3 Pro for a moment, the OCZ Vertex 2, Corsair Performance 3 Series, and Intel X25-M drives perform on roughly the same level, with each drive taking the lead over the others, depending on the test. Factor in the Vertex 3 Pro though, and there is simply no comparison. OCZ's upcoming drive dominates every test.

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